Student Exchanges

Exchange of students with start-up ideas

is the main driver of a fruitful exchange between the start-ups at both incubators. Master students and Ph.D. students with business ideas have the possibility to visit the co-incubator at the partner institution to further develop their business ideas and build up first contacts to the local industry in the other country.

During their stay in Germany, Moroccan students can participate in (entrepreneurial) courses at the university, to obtain the necessary knowledge. This semester will take three months. Additionally, they will have to further develop their business plans at the incubator for two more months. They can participate in the program provided by the Gateway for start-up students in Cologne and can take advantage of the consulting possibilities at the university, e.g., at our networking expert, to build up first business contacts. This could help to prepare possible exports to the European market or to find investors in Europe for the start-up in Morocco. When returning to Morocco, the students can transfer their knowledge also to other start-up students at the incubator and become multipliers. Furthermore. Moroccan students can also come to Cologne to participate in Summer Schools.


Vice versa, Ph.D. students from Cologne, can also visit the University Mohammed V and develop their business ideas there for up to two months. This will be of special interest for students developing business ideas regarding solutions for the Global South.