Mission,Aim and Background


ADENIN is collaboration project between the Université Mohammed V (Rabat, Morocco) and the University of Cologne (Germany) sponsored by the DAAD. The project supports the implementation of entrepreneurship and internationalization strategies at Mohammed V in Morocco, as well as at the University of Cologne.

Entrepreneurship and internationalization play an ever more important role due to the increasing forces of globalization. The Université Mohammed V (Rabat, Morocco) and the University of Cologne are adressing the challenges that derive from this development, by launching a program to support dialogue on entrepreneurship, innovation, and internationalization and build up cooperation between both universities. The incubators at both universities will serve as co-incubators. This will help develop an in-depth exchange, to face the challenges of international entrepreneurship and to link the start-up eco-systems in both cities.

Our Mission

  • Supporting young academics to develop solutions for global challenges.
  • Creating a strong, innovative, and international Moroccan-German entrepreneurial network for the future.
  • The Co-Incubator Structure between Morocco and Germany allow students and scholars from Morocco and Germany to develop their business ideas, using the network to the partner’s ecosystem.
  • Encouraging and supporting start-ups by women in order to realize their business ideas.

Our Aim

  • Further Internationalization of the Innovation and Start-up Center “Centre d’Entrepreneuriat” at Université Mohamed V and GATEWAY at the University of Cologne.
  • Building up strong research and network links between Rabat and Cologne, especially on the fields of international entrepreneurship, renewable energy or hydrology
  • Knowledge exchange on the fields of business modelling, valorization of prototypes and transfer strategies to build up coherent business connections.
  • Strengthening the economic development in Morocco and Germany through new start-ups with sustainable business models.

Project’s Background


The University Mohammed V did build up an innovation center in recent years. In 2017 it launched the SALEEM Erasmus+ project (2017-2020) together with partners from Morocco, France, Belgium, and Romania. The innovation center is able to develop prototypes and some promising start-ups did already emerge.

The Global Responsibility Unit at the International Office of the University of Cologne seeks to combine internationalization with a third mission in order to spread and transfer the knowledge generated by the University of Cologne in our local, regional, and global networks and contribute to global change. Global Responsibility projects of the International Office seek to link actions of global and local networks and communities in order to contribute to solve global challenges, such as climate change and migration.

The Gateway Excellence Start-up Center at the University of Cologne uses a holistic approach to promote start-ups from within the university and elevate transfer projects in excellent research at the University of Cologne. Gateway, funded by the Ministry of Economics of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, ties in with the university's Gateway Start-up Service, which has already been in place since 2015. The focus of a cross-faculty qualification program is to raise awareness among students and scientists for the topics of entrepreneurship. ADENIN is part of GATEWAYs internationalization strategy and to build up strong links to Africa and the MENA-region.

The ADENIN project allows the University Mohamed V to offer its students and international framework to develop their business ideas and build up a network with the start-up ecosystem of the Cologne-Rheinland region in Germany


The Co-Incubator Structure will allow to:

  • Linking and supporting start-ups from students in Cologne with potential partners in Morocco and vice versa.
  • Organizing workshops to transfer the needed knowledge to Moroccan and German partners
  • Building up a stakeholder network and mentoring program in Rabat and Cologne
  • The possibility for Moroccan start-up students to come to cologne and vice versa to further develop their business ideas and get early contacts to business partners in Europe.

The main outcomes of the ADENIN Project are:

  • Improve start-up/entrepreneurial eco-system in Morocco and the entrepreneurial education of students, especially also female students
  • Build up Innovative start-ups to create jobs in Morocco for young educated students
  • Create Moroccan-German cooperation and networks


The main outputs of the project plan are:

  • Enable the innovation centre to create professional business plans/valorizations for prototypes to increase number of assignments for the innovation centre by the industry
  • Increase number of start-up with successful market entry (on Moroccan and European market), especially also of female start-ups
  • Build up a start-up eco-system with stakeholders/partners from the industry